Chapter 4 – A King versus a Princess

Chapter 4 – A King versus a Princess

The king hears a loud noise coming from the other side of the great doors of his hall.

“That must be your brother, little one,” the tall man said. His hair was long and straight, as black as his eyes. He wore white clothes and a black cape, and he had a crown made of gold with emeralds on display. A white mask covered the left side of his face.

“Please let me go,” Sophie cried. Tears covered her green eyes.

A strong impact sends the doors flying. While Sophie screams, the king remains calmed and smiling.

“Bastard! Let my sister go!”

“Welcome to my humble castle, Eric, the strongest knight from this kingdom.”

“I am here to put an end to your tyranny!” Eric exclaimed.

“Fool. Your arrogance is even stronger than your armor. I am invincible,” the king said.

Eric rushes at him with the sword he got earlier, but thorny stems grow out of nowhere and trap the knight’s legs. Eric attempts to cut the stems but he noticed they had the same silver glow his armor has. Besides, the thorns were somehow piercing his legs without damaging the armor. The knight screams in pain.

“Eric!” Sophie cried.

“My stems are made of Metalio. I discovered the secret hall where the ancient council reunited. There were many scrolls left by Tauro de Terranide, the very founder of this kingdom. I have no need of a sword to prove I am worthy of ruling this miserable island,” the evil king explained.

The pressure of the stems was increasing, threatening to crush Eric’s legs. The armor was dripping blood all over, and the knight could not stop screaming.

Alfonso and Sara were about to get to the hall where the king was quickly, because Eric had beaten most knights in his way.

“Where do you think you are going?” Ulises asked. He was recovering from the powerful punch that knocked him out earlier.

Light Spell: Flash!” Sara pronounced.

The knight is blinded, and Alfonso knocks him out with the sword’s hilt. The enormous knight is taken down once again, so the dark haired knight and the young wizard enter King Carlos’ hall.

“Eric!” Sara exclaimed in shock.

Alfonso swings the sword and cuts the stems with the waves it produces. Eric falls after all the damage he has taken.

“Welcome, Alfonso. It is a shame you are no longer under my control,” the king said.

“What… What do you mean?” Eric managed to ask.

“Are not you dead already, Eric? Another shame… But it does not matter. I, Carlos de Tolemac, have been controlling Alfonso de Luna. When he killed your parents, I was merely testing my powers.”

“What?!” Eric gasped.

“Today my powers evolved even further. I managed to control the rest of your comrades at the same time, and I finally managed to fully control Alfonso. He was keeping a secret, the fact that you had a sister. Even after I gave him my truth serum, he still opposed to tell me that. I wonder why… Probably your friendship was so great that he managed to fight my magic until this day.”

“Some potions and spells can have limited effects depending on the feelings of the user or target,” Sara remembered.

“Alfonso! I knew… You lied to me! I never imagined this buffoon was controlling you!” Eric claimed. His sight was misty.

“I did not want you to get killed! Or Sophie! I always saw you as my little brother!” Alfonso cried.

“Well, Eric is going to die soon, anyways. I forgot to say that those thorn are poisonous. And if we add all the blood he has lost, he must be about to leave this world. So sad,” the king said with a smile.

Eric somehow stands up once again, but he has no strength left and drops the sword.

“You refuse to die with dignity, huh? I will make you pay… My face is still badly damaged after you punched me that day. No magic has helped me, and I have been forced to wear this mask,” the king said, as he summons an enormous leaf with a metallic glow.

“That leaf looks like your sword, Alfonso!” Sara noticed.

“It must be Metalio!” Alfonso warned.

“Die, Eric!” the king exclaimed.

Eric closed his eyes. Sophie and Sara screamed. A large amount of blood fell and stained the white marble floor. The armor and the sword thudded into it. Alfonso had jumped in front of the leaf, and it had pierced his torso instead of Eric’s.

“Well, he had to die anyways. Isaac, Olga, and Ulises must die later as well, since all of them broke free of my control.”

“No… Alfonso… Do not die on me!” Eric exclaimed.

“We look so similar… Everyone always said we were like actual brothers… Except for that weird green hair of yours… Forgive… Forgive me…” Alfonso wheezed with a weak voice, looking Eric’s face before closing his eyes.

“You! Everything… This kingdom! Everything has always been your fault! You will… Pay for it!” Eric yells, enraged. He walks towards the king, who was just laughing at the scene before his eyes.

“Don’t be an idiot, Eric! He’s a powerful wizard, and you are really weak! Forgive me, I didn’t want to get in Alfonso’s way and now he is gone! I won’t let Sophie or you die as well!” Sara exclaimed.

“That is cute, but you are only hurting his pride even more,” the king said.

“I don’t care. I will defeat you,” Sara said, raising her wand against the king. The king just laughs even louder.

“Do you believe you have the power to stand against me if you still need to rely on a magic wand?” the king asked.

Ice Spell: Frozen!” Sara pronounced.

The king surrounds himself with thorny plants which freeze. Then he raises his hand, and the frozen plants break. The frozen spikes are sent flying towards Sara. Sara screams and turns a table to try to take cover. The spikes pierce through the sturdy wood, and Sara sweats a little in fear just by looking at the holes they left.

Light Spell: Flash!” Sara exclaimed.

Another group of plants shield the king’s sight from the blinding light, and a pair of thorny stems trap her legs from behind. Sara screams.

“That is what you get for getting on my way,” the king said.

Sophie walks slowly towards Eric, and hugs him while she shivers in fear. The plants danced in front of the king, creating an impressive barrier that protected him against anything.

Fire Spell: Fiery Blast!” Sara exclaimed. A small fire ball was shot from her wand, but it was just too weak to actually pierce through his barrier.

“A skilled wizard may have actually achieved something with that spell. It is a shame you are not one,” the king mocked.

“I’m sick of this! That old hag and you were underestimating me just because I use a magic wand… Do you want advanced magic? I’ll show you my best spell, and it’s gonna freeze you!” Sara exclaimed, furious. The king just laughs, while the young wizard takes out her parka revealing a light blue bra covering her modest breasts. Her skin starts to turn paler and her hair and her irises starts to decolor and turn white. “Ice Spell: Ice Princess…”

A white dress made of snow covered her body, and an ice tiara decorates her forehead. Sara looked like an actual ice princess, and a cold air fills the room. Eric looks at her.

“She is… Beautiful…” Eric said while he wheezed.

“She is a princess!” Sophie exclaimed.

The king removes his plant barrier just to stare at Sara in disbelief.

“That is impossible… That magic is a forbidden one! Whoever uses it will die, and everyone else around its user will also perish!” the king finally managed to speak.

“That’s right. This is creation magic, which is forbidden. But I didn’t cast it, I just absorbed it,” Sara said.

“That is a lie! Absorption magic is too advanced for such a useless kid like you!” the king said.

The young wizard approaches the king. As she walks, the floor is covered by a thin layer of ice. He tried to attack her with thorny Metalio stems which should resist magic, but they just froze and wither just by getting close to her.

“This cannot be happening!” the king exclaimed.

Sara creates an ice sword and keeps walking towards Carlos. He tries to run, but he finds himself unable to do so. Sara swings the ice sword, and the king is completely frozen without having even touched him.

Sara falls. Her magic starts to vanish as she returns to her original form.

“My… Parka…” Sara said, with a weak voice. Her breath was visible because of the cold air still filled the room.

Sophie attempts to approach her, but she was just too cold. Eric grabs the parka and slowly approaches her and covers her back with it despite the pain. Eric’s armor got covered by frost.

“Thanks…” Sara said. Eric blushed right before he fell again.

“You took down the king, my princess!” Eric cried with joy. He closed his eyes.

“Eric!” Sophie cried.

“You are no longer useful, Carlos,” a mysterious male voice said. The king’s sword vanished, and a lightning bolt pierces Carlos’ chest. The king screams.

“What was that?!” Sara asked.

Subaru and Isaac were helping the knights Eric had knocked out at the castle’s entrance. A weird light filled the sky.

“What is that?” Subaru asked.

“Run” Isaac warned him. The crimson knight and the pirate take cover, as a lightning bolt fell right next to them. Subaru opens his eyes, and he finds a sword stuck in a rock in the middle of the entrance.

Isaac approached the sword, and tries to retrieve it from the rock. It didn’t even budge a little.

“This is Espada Roca de Rey. And this means that Carlos was taken down,” the crimson knight explained.

“The tyrant has fallen!” a knight cheered with joy. The other knights cheer as well.

“But a new king must be chosen now,” another knight said. He tries to retrieve the sword but fails. Others attempt to do so, but they all end up failing as well.

Iris exits the castle with Olga. The female knight had her hands tied, since Iris decided to avoid further confrontation.

“What’s going on?” Iris asked.

“The king has fallen!” Olga cheered as she sees the sword.

“There is no more need to capture you, so I will request you to free Mrs. de Oblivion,” Isaac said. Iris frees her as requested.

Inside the castle, Sara and Eric shared an antidote potion.

“Cheers! Even if this tastes like crap…” Sara said, as she takes a sip of the green liquid. She looked at Alfonso’s body with regret. Sophie was looking at Carlos, and she picked up something lying on the floor.

“What is that, Sophie?” Eric asked.

“It is a key.”

“That is obvious. What is it for?” Sara wondered.

“It may be for that big red door,” Sophie pointed to a door in the back. Sara snatches the key.

“Hey!” Sophie claimed.

The wizard opens the door, revealing an enormous amount of gold and jewels.

“Amazing!” Sara exclaimed.

“I hope you are not planning to take it. This belongs to the people from this kingdom,” Sophie states, upset.

“Of course not! I’m not a thief! Oh, I’m technically a pirate now, right?” Sara reflected.

“My princess, you mentioned earlier that you were looking for some sort of gemstone in this kingdom,” Eric mentioned.

“That’s right!” Sara takes out the compass, but it seemed to be pointing somewhere else. “No, it seems to be to the northwest.”

“Northwest? I just remembered there is one temple there, but its entrance is sealed. I think the former king had the key to that temple, so it might be somewhere in this castle,” Eric mentioned.

“This one?” Sophie was holding a golden key with an emerald.

“I like you, girl,” Sara said, snatching the new key from her.

“Hey!” Sophie claims once more.

Eric, Sara and Sophie finally exit the castle. Sara was a bit embarrassed since she had to help Eric walk.

“Sara! Eric! Where is Alfonso?” Iris said. She was happy to see them safe, and that they managed to rescue Eric’s sister.

“He is in the king’s hall… He didn’t make it…” Eric said, filled with sadness.

“Eric, I am sorry about everything I did. The king was controlling us!” Isaac exclaimed.

“I know. Do not worry.”

“If someone deserves to be the king, that must be you, Eric,” Olga said. Eric approached the sword and grabbed its hilt. A small light surprises everyone.

“I knew it! The sword recognized Eric as the new king!” Isaac exclaimed.

“No, no… I couldn’t remove it, even with the boosted strength of this armor. But I think the sword told me who the new king should be,” Eric said.

“A sword told you that? Did you hit your head?” Sara asked. She was being a jerk again.

“Could you help me carry the stone to Aldea Petálea? We must choose the new king, and I think this he is the best one this Kingdom has ever had,” Eric asked.

“Allow me to help,” Ulises said as he exited the castle.

Ulises and Eric carried the stone until they reach the village. The other knights and the pirates followed them.

“The knights are coming!” a woman screamed in fear.

“Those bastards… They never get tired of destroying the village, but I will always revive it as long as I’m alive!” Andrés de Argos said. He was a tall and buff man, twenty-five years old. He had short black hair, and brown eyes. He was good-looking as well, so Sara blushed when she saw him.

“Eric is with them!” a kid noticed.

“And they are carrying the Espada Roca de Rey!” a man said with joy. The people cheered because that proved the tyranny is over. The villagers who were helping Andrés repair the damaged houses approached the knight.

“Andrés. I bring you what is rightfully yours,” Eric said.

The carpenter approached the green haired knight, and somehow he felt like the sword was calling him. Andrés retrieves the sword from the rock, proving he was the new King of Terranide.

“He did it… Long live the King!” Isaac exclaimed.

The villagers and the knights cheered. Andrés was speechless. Everyone was saying his name out loud.

“How… How did you know?” Andrés asked Eric.

“I think the armor and the sword are linked somehow. I am honored to have been helpful, your majesty,” the knight kneels and bows before him. The rest of the people do the same.

“We are at your service, your majesty. I am sorry for everything, and here is something to help the village,” Isaac said. The crimson knight was carrying a bag filled with gold.

“It is gold!” a villager exclaimed.

“I do not know what to say…” Andrés could barely believe everything that was happening.

“And we cannot have our new King repairing the damage we have caused. We, the royal knights, will see this village repaired,” Ulises said. The knights all cheered in approval.

“Carlos’ actions are unforgivable. He used us against the citizens. But everything is going to be different now!” Olga exclaimed. She crowned Andrés. The people cheered again.

Andrés shakes Eric’s hand. The pirates had been watching everything from a distance, but they approached them after that.

“I cannot thank you enough for what you did for us. You helped me save my sister, and you helped us free our kingdom from the tyranny that was slowly destroying us,” Eric said.

“Help us get some supplies, and we’re good,” Subaru said.

“Of course, and please allow me to escort you to the temple where the gemstone should be,” Eric said.

“Really? Sara did mention it a while ago. It will be really helpful,” Iris said with a smile.

“Actually, this might sound crazy, but… Can I join your pirate crew? I want to follow a dream of mine as well,” Eric asked.

“What?” Sara asked in shock. Andrés was surprised as well.

“Of course!” Subaru replied with a smile.

“This is great! But there are three issues I need to solve before leaving…” Eric said. He was clearly excited.

“If you are worried about Sophie, I can take care of her as she was my own sister. It is the least I can do for you, but it is still sad to see you go,” Andrés said.

“Really? Thank you, your majesty!” Eric exclaimed.

“It is going to take me a while to get used to being called that.”

“That was actually the first thing I was worried about. I am also worried because of my armor, it is a sacred legacy from this kingdom,” Eric mentioned.

“I think the freedom you gave us is more important than one armor. We have many strong knights here. You can even take this sword if you want. It will end up returning to this kingdom if something were to happen to me, though,” Andrés said.

“No. It belongs to you, and this kingdom… So, only my third issue is pending to be solved, but I am afraid it is impossible,” Eric said. He looked really sad, and he whistles out loud. Sir Dragonfly flies to his owner. The knights are shocked to see the dragon get there, as they didn’t kow about him.

“It is one of those beasts from hell! We must slay it!” a knight said. The knights seemed to be furious.

“Silence! No one will harm this dragon,” Andrés said.

“So you can’t leave your dragon behind. I’m one of the few who can understand you. Take this,” Iris said, handing him a card.

“Is that one of the cards that store dragons?” Olga asked.

“Yes. Consider it a welcome gift, Eric,” Iris replied.

“I do not see myself as a pirate yet, but with everything solved, I will leave in pursue of my dream,” Eric said.

“I have never heard of a pirate knight,” a woman said.

“Aren’t pirates mean people?” a kid asked.

“Even if they were mean, Eric will always be someone this kingdom can be proud of,” Andrés answered.

“Ugh… I can’t believe this. Be useful, and guide us to the temple then,” Sara said. She looked somewhat annoyed.

“I almost forgot something! I request permission to open the temple in the northwest. Princess Sara needs the sacred gemstone that is apparently stored in it,” Eric whispered to Andrés.

“It’s called Rosa Esmeralda,” an elderly female said. She was short, and had green eyes. Her long hair was pure white. She wore green robes. She seemingly appeared out of nowhere amidst the crowd.

“Minerva de Heronis!” Olga exclaimed.

“Legend has it that after World’s End, a great dragon descended from the sky. It had enormous power so no one could oppose it, and he controlled the elements at his will. One day, the dragon felt sad because people feared him, so he felt lonely. On that day, he decided to create other dragons, and he gave them great powers. But doing so weakened him… A man dared to invade the dragon’s nest, and he was bold enough to ask him for his power: magic. The dragon refused, but the man managed to slay him. The dragon fragmented his soul in seven gemstones, hoping the man could not control his powers completely,” Minerva told.

“What an incredible story,” Sara said.

“And that’s how dragons were born,” Iris said.

“And that is also the story of how mankind managed to learn magic. Those stones have immense powers. The world now has magic users everywhere, but that is destroying it,” Minerva added.

“Then, the old man’s story was true,” Subaru thought.

“Rosa Esmeralda, Meteor Ruby, Aguaviva Safira, Diamant de Glace, Succinum Fulmen, Zougesei no Kiba, and Mond Opal. Those are the names of the seven gemstones of legend,” Minerva said.

“How do you know that?” Sara asked.

“It is a legend that only sage wizards from this kingdom are told. She was the person who taught me magic,” Olga explained.

“Are you a sage wizard?” Sara asked.

“I always thought she was just a crazy old hag.” Andrés said.

“I request more respect. I am the last sage wizard from this kingdom. Under normal circumstances, I would not even bother to show myself here. But I am intrigued about you,” Minerva said.

“Me?” Sara asked.

“You used creation magic, which is forbidden. How did you get it?” Minerva asked. Somehow, that old lady noticed her spell from afar.

“I… I actually don’t know… I can’t remember,” Sara replied.

“You are even more interesting than I thought, girl. I would love to see you again after you gather the gemstones. I am sure you will come back here,” Minerva said, as she takes a white object out of her pocket. It was an ocarina, and it had the zodiac symbol of Virgo.

“An ocarina! Please sell it to me!” Sara exclaimed.


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