ANIMESS! Chapter 1-The Compass of Fate

ANIMESS! Chapter 1-The Compass of Fate

This novel is written by a good friend of mine, I really liked the story since it reminds me of Japanese novels I read. With his permission I decided to post the chapters he has so far. I’ll be posting more chapters later until we catch up to the current chapter. Please enjoy and leave a comment if you can (: I don’t know if he’s alright with me posting his full name but I’ll just leave it as
Kenneth R.

I- The Compass of Fate

It was a peaceful night in the Kingdom of Solunar.

King Suzuki….” a woman said. She was sitting on the window frame, while a gentle breeze waved the curtains.

So it was you?!” the king asked. He was laying on his bed, and he quickly raised his upper body to face the woman.

Requiem Katadesmoi,” the woman pronounced. A scream and a purple flash went out from the king’s room, in the middle of that waning moon night. Even though their faces could not be seen because of the dark night, a bright red lipstick smile showed a large pair of fangs.

The next day came quickly. In a small wooden house, an old wizard was mixing a potion in a great cauldron. He made vials and bottles pour their contents into the cauldron while he was holding a potions book with his left hand. He was pretty short, and his eyes were blue. His hair was short and white. The old wizard wore a blue, long-sleeved robe with the symbol of Libra from our zodiac, and there were sandals at his feet.

Sara, I need as bottle of Dragon’s blood,” he said. His name was Kantaro Takahashi, and he was seventy years old.

This is so boring. This town only has one magic shop. If we lived closer to the castle, we would find many shops with all kinds of ingredients and artifacts… Let’s move to the city! You are King Suzuki’s friend anyways. He would even let us live inside his castle,” Sara said.

Sara Takahashi was a seventeen years old girl who lived with his grandfather. She was 5’6”, and her hair was long and black. Her eyes were deep blue, and her skin was even whiter than his grandfather’s. She was pretty and had a nice body, but she always wore a thick, blue eskimo parka instead of a blouse. Oddly, she wore a blue short skirt, so her legs were exposed. A regular pair of blue socks and black shoes completed her outfit. She was also a wizard.

I was born here, and I will die here,” Kantaro replied.

There aren’t even interesting guys around here…” Sara whispered.

Guys? I thought you liked the carpenter’s son: Koji, wasn’t it?” Kantaro asked.

Grandpa!” Sara blushed. “You must have misheard what I said! I said ‘interesting stuff’. This town is just too calm… By the way, his name is Shinji, and he is not my type.

What’s wrong about peace?”

Nothing, of course. It’s just boring.”

Isn’t it exciting to go and test your bargaining skills at the market?”

Ugh… I’m going, but I still don’t understand why you bother preparing such a complicated potion. You’ve been working on it for a week.”

It is a secret,” Kantaro smiled.

So the young wizard goes to Nichiyoubi Town’s market. That town was pretty small, and it was located at the southern end of the kingdom. Sara reached the only magic shop in that town. It was a little wooden shop, filled with many colorful vials and bottles.

Good morning, Mrs. Hayashibara. Do you have Dragon’s blood?”

Yes, a bottle costs ten Stallias. You should buy it now, it’s fresh!” the seller said, with a big smile. She was a fat, tanned lady with a brown afro. She had two golden bracelets on her wrists. She takes out a bottle filled with a red colored liquid of dracaena extract.

I’ll take it. I’m also interested in an ocarina.” Sara handed a ten Stallias bill to the fifty year old lady.

An ocarina? I’m sorry, sweetheart. It’s getting harder to keep them in stock, and their price has gone up to two thousand Stallias.”

Well, at least I have saved enough money for it. I’ll come again soon. If you can let me know, it would be awesome! Thanks, Mrs. Hayashibara!”

Say hi to Mr. Takahashi on my behalf,” the lady said while waving her hand. A shady character overheard the conversation.

Sara heads back home, but three muscular men blocked her way. It was a lonely alley, so no one else was around.

Pretty girl… Hand over all your money if you wanna go unharmed,” one bandit said. “I know you have around two thousand Stallias.”

Cool! I needed a little bit of adventure for a change,” Sara said. She clasped her hands. When she separated them, she was holding a magic wand in her right hand.

She’s a wizard!” A bandit exclaimed.

Ice Spell: Frozen!” Sara pronounced, as she swung the magic wand. A white light freezes two bandits.

That won’t work on me, baby,” the third bandit said. He was clearly the leader of the bandits, as he looked way stronger and smarter than the other two.

How did you avoid my spell?” Sara asked.

The thief showed her his right arm. He had an iron bracelet on his wrist, which showed odd red symbols.

It can’t be! That’s a blaze bracelet!” Sara exclaimed.

Then, you must know it provides fire powers to anyone, even without being a wizard,” the bandit explained. He touches the other criminals, who quickly recovered thanks to the bracelet’s heat.

That was nasty, and you’re gonna pay for it…” A bandit said.

Get ready, bitch…” The other one said, and he moved his tongue in a perverse way.

The bracelet owner’s hands are surrounded by flames, as he approaches Sara.

Water Spell: Rain Dance!” Sara pronounced, aiming her wand to the sky. A small dark cloud is summoned.

The thieves look above and they start laughing.

That’s lame. I’ve seen great wizards end harsh droughts with that spell, and they would have never summoned such a small cloud!” a bandit said.

Never underestimate my Rain Dance,” Sara warned them with a smile. A heavy downpour nullifies the fire.

Damn you, witch!” the bracelet owner claimed. The water started flowing down the alley, and the cloud quickly disappears.

See ya, fools!” she said. As Sara tries to escape, she slips because of the wet path and injures her ankle because of the fall.

Serves you right, idiot! You fell under your own spell! We wanted to be kind, but you’ve been a naughty girl… And we rarely see such a hot babe around here, so we’ll take you to our hideout and do whatever we want with you,” the bracelet guy said.

Don’t even dream about it!” she yelled.

One of the thieves aims at her with a gun, and Sara aims at him with her wand. Three shots are heard, and Sara screams and covers her face. Three bodies fall to the ground.

The thieves!” Sara exclaimed, surprised.

Three new shady characters appear at the end of the alley. One of them approaches the girl, who was clearly nervous.

I shot ‘em down, captain,” one of them said.

Say, you shouldn’t wander around this alley. It’s dangerous,” said a tall man who approached her. He had brown eyes and short dark red hair, athletic build and white skin. He was wearing a brown pirate vest, a black coat, and a pirate captain hat with a skull on it.

Pirates!” she exclaimed, worried about her fate.

Easy… I’m captain Subaru Wakou, and I believe this will be safe in your hands,” the pirate captain was really young, about twenty-five. He removed the bracelet from the bandit’s wrist, and then kicked him for moving and groaning in pain while doing so.

No, thanks. You should keep that. I don’t need it.” She replied. She was obviously nervous.

Seriously? Sweet! I’ll keep it,” he said while putting it on. Then, he covers his right hand in flames.

Woah! Even if the bracelet is supposed to grant its user fire powers, it’s hard to master it so fast,” Sara explained.

Really? This power feels so cool. So you are a mage?” he asked.

Yes, I am, and I specialize in Ice Magic. That didn’t help me a lot against these bastards, though,” she kicked the bandit.

An Ice Wizard? Sick! I’d love to have you join my pirate crew,” Captain Wakou said, excited.

But you just met me! However, I like the idea. I’d love to get out from this boring town, visit lots of landmarks, and meet more wizards. Being a pirate sounds dangerous, but fun! I can’t leave my grandpa like this, though,” Sara was a bit confused.

Is there any problem?” a female voice asks. Sara turns around and recognizes her. It was Udiya Kanbayashi, the High Priestess of Solunar Kingdom. Solunar is the only kingdom that believed in God, and she was the woman who ran the temple. Even if she did not have the power the king had, she was incredibly influential and loved. She was twenty years old, and knew Sara from her childhood. A medium size beauty with a modest body frame covered by a miko attire, and an always serious but pleasant face. A thick and long braid of her black hair rested on her back, and two long locks fell before her ears. Bangs covered her white forehead.

Udiya-sama!” Sara exclaimed. They were once close friends, since she used to play with many children from Nichiyoubi before becoming the High Priestess.

I am glad to see you safe, my dear Sara. I am afraid to ask the gentlemen here to leave. The royal soldiers that escort me may not like your business,” Udiya demands.

Think about it! We’ll be around town the whole day, near the docks,” the captain whispers.

Thanks for helping me! I think my ankle is better. I must go, but I’ll definitely think about it!” Sara said.

See ya, wizard girl! Now let’s take these bastards to the tavern. Hope there’s a bounty on them,” the captain said to his two crew-mates.

Udiya-sama, you shouldn’t be here. It’s not safe,” Sara warned.

What about you, Sara? Do you think you should be here? Bu this takes me back to the good old times. We used to play around here when we were children, do you remember? The market did not look like this when she was still here, though.”

I don’t really want to talk about her, Udiya-sama,” Sara lowered her face, showing sadness.

I am so sorry. It was so silly of me to even mention that. Please forgive me, Sara.”

I think I should go. My grandpa needed something for a potion. It was nice to see you!” Sara forced a smile and waved her hand.

Udiya watched her leave.

I should have arrested the pirates, you know?” a man asked. He was sitting on the ceiling of a house, right above Udiya. He wore black clothes, and a black gas mask covered his face. The mask had “SV” written on the forehead area.

They helped a friend. Please ignore them this time. Besides, there are worse things happening in this kingdom,” Udiya replied. She didn’t even turn back to speak to the man. She knew he was there.

Fine. I don’t want to cause more problems here, but we should head back to the temple,” the man said. He jumps down to the path and follows the priestess.

Please keep away from me. Your stench is nauseating,” she said. It was clear that she didn’t like that gas mask.

Sara knew pirates were not to be trusted, but she was happy.

Why am I worried? They saved me, so they might not be that mean. And the captain looked kind of dumb,” she thought.

The sky suddenly starts to get cloudy and dark. As Sara approaches her home, an ominous golden light descends from the sky and surrounds specifically her house. Could it be his grandpa’s doing or were they being threatened by an unknown magic? Sara rushes home.

Grandpa! What’s going on?!” Sara asked.

You are late, Sara! Quick! Pour the vial into the cauldron!” Kantaro looked pale, and worried. The young wizard followed her grandfather’s command. The cauldron contents turned purple.

Potion Spell: Mix!” Kantaro pronounced, while extending his hands towards the cauldron. The contents started to mix and blend, until a yellow liquid was left as a result.

What’s happening?” Sara asked. An alarm sounds from afar.

My repairing potion is ready, but there’s no time! They’ll be here soon!” Kantaro said, nervous.

What do you need to repair?” Sara questioned.

No time to explain! They located our house! We must flee with a vial of this potion!” Kantaro exclaims.

Sara takes out a vial from a shelf and passes it to his grandfather. He quickly fills it and puts the cap carefully on it. Then, Kantaro moves his hand and creates a white magic circle in the air. One of the wooden walls moves and reveals it was a fake wall. A small metal chest was behind it.

Now we must run! To the docks! We have to leave this kingdom immediately!” Kantaro states.

Leave the kingdom? I thought you never wanted to leave home, but here is an idea! I met some pirates before, and they…”

Pirates?” he seemed to be astonished.

It might sound crazy, but they saved me earlier!” Sara claimed.

Sounds perfect! They will never suspect we escaped with them. We need to flee at any cost!”

They leave the house. A flying ark approaches it. Sara is shocked to see that. It was clearly heading to the light.

Fire Spell: Fiery Blast!” the grandfather exclaimed. He shoots a powerful fire ball from his right hand and destroys his precious home.

But grandpa!”

It saddens me, but I will treasure the memories,” a tear rolled down Kantaro’s cheek. Sara felt really scared.

The old grandfather runs right after the young wizard and they head to the docks. Pirates can’t be too close to the actual docks because the royal soldiers would clearly attack them. So they had to look for their ship if they wanted to escape.

Could that be Captain Wakou’s ship?” Sara asked. She had spotted a rather suspicious medium size ship not so far from them. It was well hidden behind a rocky wall.

Did you say Captain Wakou?” Kantaro questions. He looked somewhat worried after hearing that.

Do you know him, grandpa?”

Not really, and we have no one else to run for help.”

They approach the ship.

Captain Wakou!”

A tall and buff man that was with Wakou earlier heard her call. His skin was brown and he wore light clothes made of white cotton. There was a sword attached to his yellow belt. He had an afro.

Oh! It’s the girl mage from earlier, captain!” the man announced.

Please call the captain! I need to join his crew immediately!”

Nice!” the captain exclaims. He just ran to the bulwark.

Please, sir. My grandfather and I need to escape from this kingdom. He is an impressive, strong wizard with medical knowledge. We will be an asset to your crew,” she begs.

Holy crap! Are you trying to tell me that you are escaping from that huge ark in the sky? It’s getting closer too!” the captain noticed.

Please, sir!” Sara exclaimed.

What are you waiting for? Get over here, quick! We will leave the country right now! And just call me Subaru,” the captain said. Sara smiles with joy.

But what about Sephtis?” the afro man asked.

Don’t worry about that. I already did what I needed to do in this country. I appreciate your help, captain,” a man spoke from inside the ship. His voice was somewhat low.

That was fast! We took a lot of time just getting here. I even thought you might had left our crew after we came here,” the buff man said.

Oh, no. It was a small but important errand. I am grateful to you all for bringing me here.”

Who cares about that? I’ll never complain about Sephtis. Besides he has been the best sake provider. We must leave now, guys! Weigh anchor!” Subaru commands.

Kantaro helps the buff man raise the sails, and then moves his left hand.

Wind Spell: Happy Sail!” the old wizard exclaimed. He summons a tailwind that further speeds up their escape.

That spell seems easy and useful,” Sara noticed.

That’s amazing, grandpa!” Subaru exclaimed. “Well, this might be an odd way of joining a pirate crew, but welcome! We are a small, great group. Everyone, come!”

To be honest, we definitely needed more people. My name is Ronin, a swordsman,” the brown man finally introduced himself.

The name’s Akio. I prefer these lovely guns which pierced those bandits, lady,” a short and chubby man said. He seemed to be in his forties, making him the former eldest man from the crew. He wore a cowboy attire, and there were two guns in his leather belt. His hat seemed to hide the fact he is losing his curly black hair.

A woman, huh? Call me Iris. I’m basically a miracle worker in this ship. I cook, clean, and I also tame dragons,” a medium size tanned woman said. She had shoulder-length red hair, and gorgeous blue eyes. She wore a blue bandana, a striped blouse, and blue jeans.

A dragon tamer?! I love it! Dragons are so rare. I’d love to own one!” Sara smiles.

Sephtis here. Shipwright…” the last man said. He wore dark glasses and mostly black clothes, except for a red apron. He seemed to be in his late thirties, and was tall and big. He looked pretty sturdy and strong. His hair was short and black. He was too quiet. Creepy.

And I’m Subaru Wakou. I’ve been exploring the seas for two years on this ship, the Saint Marina.”

By the way, why were you followed by that ark?” Iris asked.

I don’t know, my grandpa hasn’t told me anything.”

It’s time to explain everything,” Kantaro said.

The old wizard opens the metal chest.

Gold!” Akio exclaims.

What is that?” Sephtis asks.

This is the Compass of Fate, a sacred relic, but it is broken. King Suzuki secretly asked me to fix it,” Kantaro explains. “Now listen to my story, please. I know you are pirates, so I can’t force you to help me even more, but the whole world is in terrible danger.”

Kantaro draws a magic circle in the air and images start to appear in order to tell a story: “The world is now filled by magic users, and the source of all magic is the world itself. However, the use and abuse of magic has gradually degraded it to a critical point. But we all have the right to use magic since humans learned to use it after World’s End, so how do we avoid Earth’s destruction? Luckily, there are seven sacred gemstones which can renew Earth’s magic power. This is not an easy task since King Suzuki discovered the existence of an unknown organization named Akumaru, which is looking for the gemstones to not only to renew the magic, but also to monopolize it and conquer every kingdom on Earth. That would be just as terrible as a second World’s End.”

Akumaru?” Sara asked.

This is odd. I should have heard something about them by now. Pirates often get information about criminal organizations,” Subaru thought out loud.

Do you actually believe this crappy story, captain?” Akio said in disbelief.

Gotta give him points for telling the story with magical pictures,” Ronin said.

Compass is broken. Know how to fix it?” Sephtis asked.

Kantaro took out the vial of repairing potion and poured it on the compass. It started to glow, and the compass started pointing to the southwest. Ronin was shocked to see that, and he also looked at a sea chart.

It’s working! And it seems to lead the way to Terranide Kingdom.”

Well, I can no longer see the ark, or Solunar. But I’m still a little bit confused. That ark clearly belonged to the royalty. It even had the Solunar (Libra) sign on its sails,” Iris wonders.

That can only mean that King Suzuki is dead, and that Akumaru definitely started their plans already. It makes sense. They needed the compass, so they forced King Suzuki to reveal its location. Solunar has fallen, but the world can still be saved! I beg you to help me, Captain Wakou!” Kantaro begged.

Going against an unknown enemy. Sounds challenging,” Ronin said.

No,” Subaru didn’t hesitate with his answer.

Captain!” Iris claimed.

Did you actually believe that? Of course we’ll help! We will look for the sacred gemstones,” the pirate cheered.

Really?! Thanks, Subaru!” Sara cheered. A new adventure is about to unfold.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far (:


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